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We spend one-third of our lives asleep and yet we don’t give the mattress the importance it deserves. Did you know that selecting the right mattress for you can be just as important as exercising or maintaining a balanced diet? Sleep plays a massive role in our mental, physical and emotional health. In fact, sleep has been clinically proven to; improve our memory, increase our metabolism, improve our mood, and kick start our immune system, all the while fighting harmful diseases. Have you ever woken up and felt like somehow a train has hit you in your sleep? Or better again, watch every hour on the clock go by as you tossed and turned your way out of bed the next morning? If the answer was yes, before you make any drastic life-changing decisions, the problem could literally lie in your mattress! Sometimes it really is that EZ! Lucky for you, today's blog features the ultimate guide to mattresses and everything you need to know to help you reach cloud 9! Let’s get started!

The 6 most important things to take into account when purchasing a mattress include:

  1. When should I think about getting a new mattress?

  2. What are the different mattress sizes?

  3. What are the most important things to look for in a mattress?

  4. What materials are inside a mattress?

  5. What are the best mattress testing tips?

  6. What are the Do’s and Don’ts of a new mattress?

1. When should I think about getting a new mattress?

  • When your mattress is in the 7-10 year bracket. Knowing the lifespan of your mattress will enable you to both save and invest in a new one, as well as saving you from a hefty medical bill as a result of inadequate support.
  • If your back is starting to bother you when it never did before. This is a sure sign that you know you’re no longer getting the support you need anymore.
  • Moving into a new house. People tend to invest in a new mattress as it’s easier than slugging your heavy old mattress to a new place.
  • Noticing when your bed partner moves. This is a sure indication that the motion transfer is off balance and you are in need of an upgrade.
  • If you can feel an indent in certain places or can feel actual springs coming up through the bed.


2. What are the different mattress sizes?

People can often forget the importance of choosing the right size mattress. Generally speaking, people tend to choose the same size mattress they previously had but more often than not, they shouldn’t. Nothing stays the same in our busy lives and neither does our sleep pattern or sleep situation. For example, ask yourself questions like: do you now sleep with a partner, have you, children that nestle into the bed at 3 am, do you toss and turn regularly, or do you now share a bed? Generally speaking, the larger the bed, the better night’s sleep you will have. However, you do need to take into account the size of the mattress in relation to your bedroom. You must allow room for any other furniture that features in your room and check whether it will be possible to open doors, wardrobes, and chest of drawers.

*EZ Tip* - The length of the mattress is just as important as the width of it! Therefore, a mattress should be 10-15cm longer than its tallest sleeper! After all, no one likes cold feet!

 Check out our infographic for loads of useful information on mattress sizes and fillings.


3. What are the most important things to look for in a mattress?

  • Make sure the mattress you are buying has at least a 5-year warranty. Warranties are important as they are essentially a promise made by the seller or manufacturer to stand behind that chosen mattress. If there’s no warranty, you’re already at a loss. A warranty will also ensure that your mattress will be replaced or repaired at no expense if it is sold with defects or structural flaws.
  • When buying a mattress it is essential that the comfort of the bed is just as important as the quality of it. You should never compromise comfort over quality and you should never compromise quality over comfort. Some people make the mistake of going for the most expensive mattress as they assume it is “the best”. However, the most expensive mattress might not necessarily fit your needs and therefore it is vital you put your needs first.
  • The most important thing to consider when selecting the right mattress is to confide in a knowledgeable sleep specialist. Researching online will only get you so far and can more often than not be the equivalent of “Doctor Google”. Therefore, in order to get a proper diagnosis of your needs, a highly trained sleep specialist will point you in the right direction.


4. What materials are inside a mattress?

In this next section, we will discuss the two main components within a mattress which are fillings and springs.


When it comes to how firm a mattress needs to be, there is no one type that fits all. At EZ Living Furniture, we are firm believers in creating the perfect mattress for every single one of our customers. So whether you are a side sleeper, tummy sleeper, star-fish sleeper or don’t sleep at all type sleeper, there’s something for everyone in the audience!

There are 3 main types and most popular fillings when it comes to your mattress. These fillings include natural filling, synthetic filling, and memory foam filling. Each filling has a unique set of advantages that will appeal to each person differently.

- Natural Filling:

Many people like natural fillings as they are healthy, breathable, are environmentally friendly and do not retain heat. A natural filling would be perfect for someone that changes position frequently or likes to sleep on their side. Natural fillings consist of latex, cotton, wool, horsehair, and much more.

- Synthetic Filling:

This filling is primarily used in mattresses that are spring oriented. This type of filling can also be ideal for those suffering from allergies or respiratory complaints due to their anti-microbial properties. This type of firmness is ideal for lower back support, distributing weight evenly, helping reduce pressure points, and having less motion transfer. Some synthetic fillings include polyester, polyurethane, and much more.

- Memory Foam Filling:

Many people go for a memory foam filling as they are warm, moulds the shape of your body is great for back support, and are also hypo-allergenic. Many people who have back problems like Scoliosis, and Sciatica, or simply twist and turn regularly opt for a memory foam mattress as it maintains their posture throughout the night.


Too much of anything can be a bad thing and the same applies to the firmness of your mattress. If the bed is too soft, you will end up sinking into it whereas if the mattress is too hard, it won’t be able to mould toward the contours of your body. Both of the above will result in a poor night’s sleep if you let it! So when you’re making that big investment remember to think about balance!

*EZ Tip* - But before we can help you, you can help us! When it comes to choosing the perfect amount of firmness or type filling, we highly recommend you ask your doctor, physiotherapist, or any other health care professional about your specific needs. They won’t be able to recommend you with a mattress, but they will be able to inform you of your needs and from there, we can advise you on the perfect mattress that will facilitate them.


A spring mattress will act as a shock absorber while also reducing the wear and tear of a mattress. Generally speaking, the more springs you have in your mattress, the more you will get out of your bed. For example, the difference in price is often a direct result of how many springs in your mattress and you can literally be paying the difference of 2,000 to 10,000 springs.

- Open Coil Spring:

This consists of one large spring.


: it will make for a very firm and solidly supported mattress.


: Because it doesn’t consist of individual springs, the heaviest sleeper will always receive the biggest support. Motion transfer can often be felt more with this spring.

- Pocket Spring:

These springs are sewn into individual fabric pockets and therefore move independently. They are more costly than open coil springs but they last longer.


: Pocket springs provide greater support, comfort, and longevity. The more pocket springs you have, the more supported you will be.


: Potential to lose their shock absorption after a long period of time.

- Nested Spring:

This is essentially pocket spring laid out in a honeycomb effect. This type of effect gives a very supportive feel and maintains that feel.

- Independent Pocket Spring:

This provides zero movements in the springs and is formulated in a straight line.


: If you’re the type that likes zero motion transfer, an independent pocket spring might be the very spring for you!


: This spring could be too firm for some people resulting in an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

*EZ Tip* - All 1,000 or however many springs the mattress entails will be different. Some are weaker than others as some will be low profile, high profile, low density, etc. Therefore, check with a highly trained sales member, which type of spring is best.

EZ Living Furniture Suggestions:


: Clima Affluence, Featuring exclusive Arctic Chill Fabric, the impressive Clima Affluence mattress helps to keep you cool.

Medium to Firm

: Therapeutic Mattress “Rian –equipped 10,000 high-performance pocket springs and innovative comfort fillings that can help reduce fatigue, minimise stress and prevent sleep disturbance.


: “Tranquillity” the mattress’s 1200 High-Performance Pocket Springs that deliver the ultimate combination of support and softness, and which are twinned with a reinforced perimeter frame to extend that comfortable feel all the way from one edge to the other. A mattress choice fitting for a five-star hotel.

5. What are the best mattress testing tips?

The testing process is by far the most important process of investing in your new mattress. Lucky for you, EZ living furniture has put together EZ tips that you can apply both before and during your store visit to further assist your decision.

Before Entering the Mattress store:

  • As stated previously, ask a health care professional about your needs
  • In order to find the perfect mattress, try out as many beds as you can and take notes! For example, hotels, friends’ houses, guest rooms etc.
  • Ever hear the phrase “you shouldn’t go shopping when you’re hungry”? well, the same applies to mattress testing. You should never go mattress shopping when you’re tired because no matter what type of mattress you lie on if you’re tired, you’ll find anything comfy! Note to self- get a good night’s sleep before you make such a big investment
  • Bring someone with you! Whether it’s a partner, your mom or a friend, bring someone with you to test out mattresses. This is really important when testing motion transfer. There’s nothing worse than feeling every move your partner makes in the morning while you’re trying to catch those last-minute snoozes.


Once in the Mattress store:

  • In order to find the perfect mattress, you’ll need more than just sitting on the edge and giving it the occasional bounce or two. You don’t sleep sitting on the edge so why let that be the deciding factor? If you’re a side sleeper, lie on your side, if you’re a starfish sleeper, become the star that you are. You should lie in every position you would normally.
  • Try out a few mattresses quickly, then narrow down your favourites.
  • Lie on each favourite mattress for at least 10-15 minutes. 5 minutes being the minimum! People tend to only lie on a mattress for an average of 1-2 minutes as they feel too awkward when customers walk by. However, when you are in this position try and tell yourself that 10 minutes of awkwardness could save you 10 years of an awkward night’s sleep. It doesn’t seem too unrealistic now, does it?
  • Have someone else lying next to you on the mattress of your choice. If the person starts rolling towards you or you roll in towards the centre of the bed, there’s a problem with the mattress
  • Next, lie on your side and get the other person to get out of the bed while you remain position. If you feel your body move more than what feels natural, it’s likely that this sudden movement will only get worse with time.
  • Ask questions! At EZ Living Furniture our sleep experts are only an answer away from providing you with the perfect mattress. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know! After all, the only stupid question is the question not asked.
  • Check the warranty on your new mattress

6. What are the Dos and Don'ts of a new mattress?

If you want to maximise your mattresses life span, follow these EZ tips below!



  • Rotate your mattress frequently. Once a month for the first year, once a quarter thereafter
  • Use a waterproof/breathable mattress protector
  • Air the mattress regularly. On receiving your new mattress, we recommend that you allow your mattress to be aired by standing it on its side for at least 4 hours to remove any aroma. Following this, your mattress should be aired once a week by removing all bed linen. Regular vacuuming is highly recommended.
  • Use a strong bed base. Ensure your bed frame has a centre support and leg supports, should be correctly adjusted to only make contact with the floor when your mattress is resting on your bed frame. Also, ensure the slats are no more than 2-3 inches apart. This helps to keep the mattress even, allowing for a longer life span.



  • Bend of fold the mattress. The springs may become permanently damaged
  • Use detergent or chemical cleaners. Many of these products can damage both cloth and fabric. In the event of soiling, use a sponge with a mild solution of soap and water, allow to air in a warm environment
  • Bounce or sit repeatedly in the same area. This can reduce the lifespan of the mattress and place strain on the spring unit.


I don’t know about you, but I’m fit for bed!


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