The Ultimate Guide To Garden Furniture



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Summer is right around the corner and with that comes a longer stretch in the evenings and improved weather conditions. What could be better? We can now allow our minds to freely wander and focus on the outdoors without the worry of frostbite. Though, not straying too far from our homes, our thoughts will ultimately turn to our gardens.

A garden or patio can be anything you want it to be and the ultimate area of relaxation. Any outdoor living space can be easily transformed into an area specifically tailored to your wants and needs. Whether you are planning on sunbathing on a sun lounger for hours on end or even shading yourself from the sun, the sky's the limit. However, whichever activity you choose will require you to purchase a few essential pieces of garden furniture. Luckily, there are lots of outdoor furniture options for all types of gardens and all types of budgets. So, there is no need to worry if you have a huge garden that needs filling with big garden sets or a tiny apartment balcony that can barely hold a tiny garden chair. It is important to take into consideration your specific requirements before you rush out and buy the cheapest option available.

EZ Living Furniture has created this complete outdoor living furniture guide for your convenience. Within this article, you will learn about different kinds of outdoor and weatherproof materials in addition to adding those finishing touches to your space. We are also excited to welcome back our hugely popular range of garden furniture this week along with some brand-new items that have never been seen before. You will get to enjoy the first sneak-peak! So that has already answered one question you may have had…. where can I buy patio furniture online? With EZ Living Furniture of course.

1. Choose pieces that fit.

Firstly, you need to consider the size of your garden. If you have a smaller lawn or balcony then focus on compact outdoor furniture. Circular garden tables can help to maximise tight spaces without compromising on room. Foldable garden chairs are as handy as a small pot and can be folded back up and stored elsewhere for when the Irish rain ultimately returns. With all these delightful options available you can forget about continuing to balance food and drink on your lap. It is a shame too; I was just starting to get the hang of it.

With sprawling gardens and acres of land, there is of course more flexibility with size. I really envy you all. Pick from rectangular, square, or even circular garden tables, the sky really is the limit. Family gatherings and events can be catered for with ease by adding multiple garden chairs. The only question you now need to bother yourself with is…what type of outdoor furniture is the most durable.

The Oxford Round Dining Set from EZ Living Furniture is ideal for smaller gardens.

2. Choose a material that can allow for all weather conditions.

Can you leave it outside? What is the best garden furniture to buy? Is wicker or rattan better? How will it stand the test of time? Below you will find answers to all of these questions as we navigate through the different types of garden furniture materials together.


Wood has a vulnerability to moisture and sunlight…normally. It requires regular upkeep including sanding and varnishing to help to retain its colour. My 14-year-old self still has nightmares about this! However, if you are still set on wooden garden furniture then teak is the way to go for durability. Yes, it can be expensive, but it's weatherproofing capabilities make it the ideal candidate for your outdoor area. If that does not convince you, you might be interested to know that teak is most commonly used for boatbuilding and if it’s good enough for boats (that actually permanently stay on the water), then it’s good enough for us.


We will not lie to you; it is not the most appealing material to look at. Cast Iron patio furniture just looks incredibly uncomfortable too, even with padded cushions. Rusting is also a huge concern. Still, a huge benefit is that it can support bigger weights because of its strength. So, if you have overindulged in takeaways during lockdown, you know which material to turn to.


Natural wicker furniture is hand-woven which makes it incredibly durable for indoor areas. For gardens and poor weather? Not so much. Unless you opt for a synthetic wicker (polyethylene wicker) which gives the same appearance as Rattan garden furniture. Speaking of….


An example of Rattan furniture pictured here; The EZ Living Furniture Oxford Oxford Rectangular Dining Set.

Synthetic Rattan outdoor furniture is stylish, light and long-lasting. Popular because of its affordability and low maintenance vibe, it’s hard to argue with such an appealing finish. Unlike me, it is unaffected by the sun, rain and UV rays which also makes it completely weatherproof.

Still a little uneasy about wear and tear? You can either cover your rattan garden table and chairs or if you are feeling active (not sure what that could feel like), you could easily move and store each piece away after use. They are also the most affordable garden sets on the market and are ideal for those on tight budgets.

3. Choose your budget.

Price points for patio furniture vary wildly. The best way to avoid overspending or underspending is to first understand how much you can reasonably spend without breaking the bank.

However, higher-priced garden sets tend to last longer. You know what they say, buy cheap, buy twice.

EZ Living Furniture's newest addition - The Royal Corner Garden Furniture Set with Firepit Table will be the envy of all your neighbours.

4. Add finishing touches.

Finishing touches such as cushions or throws can add an extra dimension to your garden design. Even though these items will need to be taken in and stored after each use, it is worth it for the luxury and comfort they can bring. 

And there you have it, all the knowledge needed to purchase the most appropriate furniture for your garden. Now, it’s time to start shopping!